Thursday, June 2, 2011

Awkward and Awesome Thursday!

I decided to start doing my own awkward and awesome thursday,
done after this blog.


- Waking up in the night thinking that the lights went out,
and Benji sleeply telling me they didn't because the light on the tv was still on.
- Trying to sneak into work when you are running late hoping no one will really realize what time it is,
and then having the whole office here you stumble on your feet.
- Wearing a THICK long sleeve sweater in June.
- Getting a new phone system at work,
and hanging up on people regularly.
- Sitting on the couch with Benji playing halo, while I watch makeup tutorials on YouTube.
- Recording my own voicemail at work.
- Turning on our air conditioner one day,
then the next day turning on the heater.
- Twitter. Enough said. I created an account. Not really sure why.
I am still trying to figure out how it all works and what the purpose is other than to stalk people.
- Going grocery shopping with Benji for the first time in weeks and coming home with way more stuff than what was on the list. Thanks to him.


- Benji picking me up from work for lunch, there are some benefits with having car troubles.
- Trying a new recipe for dinner then the next day craving leftovers to have for lunch.
- Getting a compliment on your makeup at work
when I felt like I put it on haphazardly this morning.
- Getting to spend the weekend with my Dad, brother, and other extended family in Utah.
- Learning new blogger tricks. I feel like a whole new person.
More posts coming your way.
- Our new couch cover! Love Ikea!
Benji acted like he was a little kid on Christmas when brought it back after my Utah trip.
Black corduroy, instead of the white that came with the couch as seen here.


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