Friday, May 20, 2011


These past few days I have spent a lot of time
thinking about my family.

I am excited to see how our family will continue to grow over
the years.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Weekendish Things.

Yes, I know the weekend was over almost 2 days ago,
BUT Benji and I had a somewhat busy weekend.
For us at least.

My two sisters were at my Mom's house this weekend
for a late Mother's Day celebration.
So, of course we skyped.

Got to see this little guy take some of his first steps.
It was so fun to be there or see it, at least virtually.

On Mother's Day, our ward gave all of the women plants.
This Sunday, Benji didn't feel ours was going to make it
staying in the plastic container it came in,
so he put it in one of our coffee mugs.

We are trying to be optimistic and hope it will at least bloom
before we kill it with our lack of green thumbs.

Sunday afternoon, of course Steffen and Chad came over.
It is becoming a Sunday tradition for them.
Benji decided it was going to be all day snack day.
So, we did.
It was kinda nice not making a fancy dinner.
Like I normally do.

Benji made one of his Dad's famous Grigg dip.
When I was grocery shopping on Saturday,
I was a little skeptical it was going to taste ok,
but it ended being delicious.

Of course, I forgot to take pictures while Benji was making it,
so these are the leftovers we had as part of dinner last night.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Weekend Countdown.

I like most people LOVE the weekend,
but I especially am coming to love Sunday!

Not only do Benji and I get to go to church together every Sunday,
but over the past few weeks it has become our day.

The day where we don't have to worry about being anywhere at a certain time.
The day where after church we can lounge all day.
The day where after church being in pajamas is ok.
The day where we don't have to worry about homework or a million things to do.
The day where it can be just us, together.
It is becoming OUR day, and I love it.

The weekend countdown resets every Monday morning.

(one of the first Sundays as a Mr. & Mrs. and a little sunburnt)

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Picture Overload.

I have finally finished unpacking/decorating/working on our place.
House tour begins.

Living Room.



I am still on the hunt for a cute round tablecloth.
I was going to try to make one then this happened.
Let me know if you see one, please.

Benji's bathroom.
Yes, we have separate bathrooms.
I have a lot of bathroom stuff with very little space.
We also have separate closets.

Guest Bedroom.

This bookshelf is a work progress.
In February, as Benji was packing our car we had to choose wedding presents or my collection of books I have in Texas.
Benji choose our wedding presents.
So, this bookshelf is anxiously awaiting books.
Hopefully, we be here later this month.

Our Bedroom.

My bathroom.

Big news for Utah. Check this. I am pretty excited.