Wednesday, April 27, 2011


So, I have been seeing this around on
some of the different blogs I read
and I wanted to give it a try.

25 facts/goals/interests/worries/whatever

1. If I could be a professional student, I would be. I love learning and going to school.
Something about it drives me.
2. I love cinnamon. Cinnamon anything. Hence, why I spilled cinnamon sugar on our leftover wedding cake. Just kidding that was an accident. Serious though...cinnamon speeds up your metabolism.
3. I have become a huge tv/movie watcher. Thank goodness for netflix.
Benji and I are currently into Prison Break.
4. This song has been on repeat for the last week.
5. I am planner. If I could plan the next 50 years I could. Too bad I can't. I get very frustrated/stressed if there is no plan.
6. I have become a clean FREAK, ever since we got married. It is starting to drive Benji nuts.
7. I wish I was crafty. I am envious of crafty people, like my sister.
8. I am cooking more. Like actual meals. I am pretty proud of myself.
9. I don't like surprises. Goes back to having a plan. I am getting better though. Benji loves to surprise me, so its a work in progress.
10. Most good things happen when you don't go looking for them.
11. I love getting things in the mail.
12. I want new hobbies.
13. I love the Wall Street Journal. Nerdy, I know.
14. I hate getting lost. Whenever I go somewhere and I think I am the slightest going wrong I have to call someone. Mostly, its my Dad, but for here in Idaho Falls its Benji.
15. I love peanut butter and Oreos together.
16. I don't do well with change.
17. I am trying to be more outgoing.
18. I am most definitely a morning person.
19. Unless I have a firm opinion or really want something, I normally don't care about stuff.
20. I love frozen yogurt. Whenever I go to Rexburg now, I go to Twizlberry. Its the best.
21. I am not an animal person at all.
22. I always tell Benji we are going to take pictures whenever we do something, but very rarely do any pictures get taken. Like Easter dinner, none got taken.
23. It takes a lot for me to try new things.
24. Sometimes I have a hard time letting things go....I am trying to be better at this.
25. Benji makes me laugh everyday on a continual basis.

A lot harder to come up with 25 random things than I thought.

Benji and I are slowly ordering wedding pictures to have throughout our house.
I came across this one the other day.

It shows our relationship pretty well. I think. I talk his ear off day and night and he listens.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

I wish and I am thankful!

Credit for today's blog post goes to Stephanie

I wish I could go could back to school and take more fun classes.
Like decorating, floral arrangement, and sewing.
I am thankful for my degree and the opportunity I was given to attend school and the internet and books so I could learn more about those things.

I wish my husband wasn't so crazy busy all the time, even more now that school has started again.
I am thankful for him and all of his hard work and everything he does for us.

I wish I lived closer to my family so the days when Benji was gone all day I could hang out with them.
I am thankful for skype and how I got to see them for a little bit on Saturday and for the person who invented texting and cellphones so I can talk to them whenever.

I wish Idaho Falls was a bigger city. Sometimes it doesn't cut it when I want to get something.
I am thankful for the family environment Idaho Falls does have.

I wish I could be a professional shopper. Like everyday, all day. Just get whatever I wanted when I wanted it.
I am thankful for those times when I can treat myself to get those things
I want to get and how much more excited I am.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Easter Declaration.

Perfect reminder for next Sunday.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Sunday, April 10, 2011

Dressing Room.

I have always wanted to someday custom design
our house.

I have dreamed of having a huge walk-in closet
but then I came across this the other day.
Now, I have decided I want a whole room.

As Benji dreams of his tv/gaming room,
I dream of my dressing room.

I have already decided on the color scheme
I want to use.

My love for Ikea and Target has just doubled
after seeing everything she got there.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Domestication Skills.

The Blakeney's on my wedding day.

My sister, Rachel is the perfect wife and mother.
She always somehow finds good deals for everything she buys.
She always has dinner at least cooking when Anthony gets home from work.
Benji is lucky enough for me to have decided what we are having for dinner when he gets home.
She has all the patience in the world for Joseph.
She is always trying DIY projects.
And she sews.

For the three months, before I got married when I was living at home
I spent pretty much everyday with Rachel.
Sometimes going over there multiple times a day.
Alot of the time she would tell me about a sewing project she was working on
or about to start or wanted to do.

After hearing about all these different sewing projects she was working on,
I decided when Benji and I moved
I was going to take my sewing machine.
The one I haven't touched in like 7 years.
No joke.

The other day Benji tells me for this table in our bedroom
he wants a table cloth.
Trying to be a good wife I get all the supplies.
I get everything pinned, just waiting for Benji to get home for him to see
it and make sure he likes it.
When he gets home he starts asking me if I could sew it a certain way.
A fancy way.
Not completely confident in my sewing capabilities,
I am a little hesitant and then he tells me he can sew
and if I can't do it he will.
So I agree.

The next day I get started hemming all of the edges.
About to get started on the complicated part,
when Benji gets home from work.

I go upstairs. I am gone for 10 minutes.
Then when I come back
TWO big chunks of fabric have been cut out.
And I have a very frustrated husband.

Then the next day I try to make it all work with
the fabric cut out of it.
Then I begin to become a little frustrated.
So I began to start making random cuts and tears at it.

After a few hours, I give up and just put what I have done
on the table in our room.

Needless to say, the sewing machine is getting put away for awhile
until I get some courage to pull back out again.

I am still working on my domestication skills.

Thursday, April 7, 2011


Even Benji knows what is going on in the episode I am on.
Shows how important it is in our house.
I am more than half way done with season one.
And I am in to the second book.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Keep Calm...