Friday, July 19, 2013

Tristin Jack: A Birth Story

The whole going into labor part scared me to death, so we had convinced my doctor to induce me. He agreed on 1 condition if the appointment before I had a favorable cervix. The agreed on date that this baby was coming was May 28th. We planned everything around this. When family was coming out; when newborn pictures were going to be; when Benji was going to leave to start his new job; when he was going to come back to get us; when my last day of work was going to be. If you know me, I MUST have a plan and stick to the plan. I don’t do well with surprises.

May 20th comes, the much-anticipated appointment before the big day. I wasn’t sure what to think and feel, other than being nervous. What if I am so favorable this little man decides to come before the 28th? What if he comes and my doctor isn’t able to deliver him? Then I would have to really face my fears of dealing with labor and even worse if it isn’t with my doctor. What if I am not progressing at all and I can’t be induced on the 28th? We nervously talked with the doctor and finally he checked. Nothing. No signs of labor. Completely closed off. We talked with our doctor more and came up with plan b. We would check again on the 28th and if any progress had been made he would send us upstairs to begin the process.

The next week, we tried everything we were told to get this labor process started, except drink castor oil. We walked, we lunged, we squatted (about killed ourselves doing it). You name it we did it.

May 28th rolled around. I knew it. We were going to be ready this time. This little man of ours understood the importance of coming today and sticking to the plan. Again, we anxiously awaited. Nothing. No signs of labor. No progress had been made. Tears were shed. Due to everything going on, our doctor agreed he was going to proceed, cautiously, with inducing me. We were instructed tomorrow evening to go to the hospital and the process would begin.

The next day, I anxiously went to work (I would drive myself, Benji and my Mom nuts if I sat at home twindling my thumbs worrying). Then as instructed we proceeded to the hospital that evening. The nurses reassuringly walked me through the process of what was going to happen and began me on cervidil, which was supposed to help thin out my cervix and convince this baby boy to come.

(Describes our emotions perfectly.)

Unfortunately, in the middle of the night Tristin’s heart rate started dropping and the medicine had to be stopped. This little man just did not want to come.

The next step was the pitocin. My doctor and nurses were concerned if I started on the pitocin and Tristin didn’t handle it well then I would be forced to have a C-section. We agreed to trying it out and if it resulted in having a C-section that is what we would do. The nurses started me on pitocin, cautiously. Increasing the dosage slowly and carefully monitoring Tristin’s heart rate.

Slowly, things progressed. Tristin was handling things well. By 3:30, I was finally at a 2 and the decision was made to break my water. All throughout my pregnancy, everyone kept telling me you would know if your water breaks and I never truly believed it but oh you do know if your water breaks. When they broke my water, we discovered there was meconium in my fluid. This raised the concern that Tristin could have swallowed some of it and depending on how he responded when he arrived may need to have his lungs pumped. NICU was notified they would need to be there during delivery.

My nurse kept offering me pain medicine but warned me it only works for most people 1 or 2 times. By this point, I could really start to feel the contractions and I was tired of playing tough. I opted for the pain medicine. 3 times. Every time I got it I could feel it decreasing in help.

It was 5:00pm. It had been 9 hours of waiting and eating flavored ice chips. I was getting impatient and ready to meet my little boy and have this waiting game over with. I told the nurse I wanted a C-section. She convinced me to let her see how I had progressed then go from there.

Luckily, I was at a 4 and could get an epidural. I have never been more excited to hear I could get a 6-inch needle shot up my back. It was wonderful. I felt nothing. Absolutely nothing. And I slept.

The waiting game went on. The nurses continued to check me every 2 hours. By 11pm, I was at an 8. I would be checked again at 1am.

At 12:30pm, I was at a 10 and ready to push. Before each push, Benji would give encouraging words/tips and tell me to try harder if I could. I told him next child we are adopting. During a push, Benji was finally able to see him and we started putting bets on his hair color.

After some time of pushing, Tristin changed his mind and decided he didn’t want to come and would not move any further. Our doctor opted to use the vacuum to get him to come more.

Tristin made his arrival at 2:29am. He quickly was rushed over to the nurses to check his stomach and lungs since the meconium was in my water. Benji kept going back and forth to Tristin and I, giving me kisses.

Finally, they were able to let me hold him. This was him. This was the little person I had felt move and grow inside me for the last 9 months. He was worth every second. And was finally here.

After a few minutes, we were alone. The three of us. Our little family. That moment shared together is too precious for words. I will never forget the emotion I felt. It is indescribable. 

(At first I was a little embarrassed by this picture. It was taken less than half an hour after Tristin arrived, right when the pure exhaustion was beginning to set in. I mean just look at those bags and that hair. But grateful we got it but didn't want anybody else to see it. Every time I have looked at it since then I can't help but smile and think it is too sweet not to share.)

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Maternity Pictures

The whole time I was pregnant I only took 1 picture of my growing belly.
I wish I had been better at taking weekly pictures. 
So, I convinced Benji to let us take maternity pictures.
These were taken a week and a half before Tristin was born.
Here are just a few...

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Fourth of July

Picnics were had. Naps were enjoyed. Fireworks were watched.
Scooters were ridden.