Sunday, May 1, 2011

Picture Overload.

I have finally finished unpacking/decorating/working on our place.
House tour begins.

Living Room.



I am still on the hunt for a cute round tablecloth.
I was going to try to make one then this happened.
Let me know if you see one, please.

Benji's bathroom.
Yes, we have separate bathrooms.
I have a lot of bathroom stuff with very little space.
We also have separate closets.

Guest Bedroom.

This bookshelf is a work progress.
In February, as Benji was packing our car we had to choose wedding presents or my collection of books I have in Texas.
Benji choose our wedding presents.
So, this bookshelf is anxiously awaiting books.
Hopefully, we be here later this month.

Our Bedroom.

My bathroom.

Big news for Utah. Check this. I am pretty excited.


Heather of Kitchen Concoctions said...

LOVE IT!!!!!!! You should come down and decorate my place! Is the vase of peacock flowers in your living room one of the centerpieces Lorena made for the Denver reception? Also are those homemade cookies I see on the kitchen counter in the cake/cookie display case?!?!

Rebecca said...

Yeah those flowers are from the Denver reception that Larina did! Yeah those are homemade cookies. They have Oreos in the center thats why they look so HUGE! But they were really good!

Heather of Kitchen Concoctions said...

Ohhh oreos in the center.... where did you get that recipe???

Rebecca said...

This is the recipe I used...

Heather of Kitchen Concoctions said...

Thanks for sharing the link to the cookies. I had seen them on another blog too and was wondering how they would taste and turn out. Did you like them?

Rebecca said...

Yeah they were good. I put too much chocolate chip cookie dough on them so you got tired of them fast. If that makes sense. They were really good right out of the oven!

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