Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Learning and Growing.

As a little and sometimes, even big girl, we dream of our prince charming,
and what he is going to be like and what life is going to be like with him.
We dream of it continually. I don't know of any girl who doesn't.

I am so lucky to be a princess to the man I come home to everyday.
And I get treated like one everyday.
As we are learning about marriage and figuring out what works for us,
I wouldn't have it any other way.
Continually learning and growing together.
Creating family traditions for our small family of two.
Developing our routine together,
as husband and wife.
As a family.

I came across this quote the other day.
Absolutely loved it.
Realized how true it is.
How we choose our love, and from then on it is work and
everyday we must make the choice to make it work and love it.
Even on those trying days or times in our marriage.
And during those times we learn to deal with those trying days.


About Us said...

I love that quote... I love your blog! Wow, guess what? I love you...

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