Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Weekend Countdown.

I like most people LOVE the weekend,
but I especially am coming to love Sunday!

Not only do Benji and I get to go to church together every Sunday,
but over the past few weeks it has become our day.

The day where we don't have to worry about being anywhere at a certain time.
The day where after church we can lounge all day.
The day where after church being in pajamas is ok.
The day where we don't have to worry about homework or a million things to do.
The day where it can be just us, together.
It is becoming OUR day, and I love it.

The weekend countdown resets every Monday morning.

(one of the first Sundays as a Mr. & Mrs. and a little sunburnt)


Heather of Kitchen Concoctions said...

I love Sundays too! The whole world seems to be a bit calmer and move at a little bit slower pace.

amy said...

Oh my gosh Rebecca this is so cute. I love it!! That's awesome that Sundays are so perfect for you two.

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