Friday, April 8, 2011

Domestication Skills.

The Blakeney's on my wedding day.

My sister, Rachel is the perfect wife and mother.
She always somehow finds good deals for everything she buys.
She always has dinner at least cooking when Anthony gets home from work.
Benji is lucky enough for me to have decided what we are having for dinner when he gets home.
She has all the patience in the world for Joseph.
She is always trying DIY projects.
And she sews.

For the three months, before I got married when I was living at home
I spent pretty much everyday with Rachel.
Sometimes going over there multiple times a day.
Alot of the time she would tell me about a sewing project she was working on
or about to start or wanted to do.

After hearing about all these different sewing projects she was working on,
I decided when Benji and I moved
I was going to take my sewing machine.
The one I haven't touched in like 7 years.
No joke.

The other day Benji tells me for this table in our bedroom
he wants a table cloth.
Trying to be a good wife I get all the supplies.
I get everything pinned, just waiting for Benji to get home for him to see
it and make sure he likes it.
When he gets home he starts asking me if I could sew it a certain way.
A fancy way.
Not completely confident in my sewing capabilities,
I am a little hesitant and then he tells me he can sew
and if I can't do it he will.
So I agree.

The next day I get started hemming all of the edges.
About to get started on the complicated part,
when Benji gets home from work.

I go upstairs. I am gone for 10 minutes.
Then when I come back
TWO big chunks of fabric have been cut out.
And I have a very frustrated husband.

Then the next day I try to make it all work with
the fabric cut out of it.
Then I begin to become a little frustrated.
So I began to start making random cuts and tears at it.

After a few hours, I give up and just put what I have done
on the table in our room.

Needless to say, the sewing machine is getting put away for awhile
until I get some courage to pull back out again.

I am still working on my domestication skills.


Caroline said...

It's okay Rebecca! I feel the same way about sewing too. I love reading all the new posts. I can't wait to see you in like a week!

Heather of Kitchen Concoctions said...

When I browed your sewing machine back in December Eric also said he was going to ‘help’. He got as far as pinning the fabric and that was it! I was going to be mighty impressed if Benji pulled that one off!

Oh and don't worry about the domestication thing. That is all something Rachel eventually learned, and you will too. (Remember when she didn't even know how to make cinnamon toast. Wink. Wink.) BTW that pic of them turned out totally cute! I am working on uploading Joseph's b-day pics today and will email them soon!

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