Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Too funny not to share...

If you know my husband well,
or even if you don't,
he is always making people laugh
and is so quick on his feet with those
hilarious comments, faces or whatever.

I am continually dying of laughter.

At the company picnic we went to this past weekend
we won this old school track suit.
When we got home Benji put it on and making funny
comments about how often he was going to use it
and how he was so excited he wanted to work out right then.

Resulting in this video...

I was dying laughing.
I wish I had thought to record it before I did.


About Us said...

Tom and I have always told him he would be a multi-millionaire if he were a stand up comedian! I miss him making me laugh ALL THE TIME! We explained that your life would never be dull being Mrs. Benjiman Grigg! We were soooo right! But, you already knew that and now you get to laugh through life with that crazy boy of ours! Love you so much. Thank you for sharing, although I am sure he was a little more crazy than you posted in that work-out suit!

About Us said...

Miss you both...

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