Wednesday, July 13, 2011

F is for Family Night.

Before we got married Benji and I
decided we wanted to try harder and be better at Family Home Evening.

After got married, we came to realize this was a lot harder
than we thought it would be,
with our little family of two.

Some weeks were better than others.
Some weeks I would remind us that we were going to
do something simple, or really anything.
Some weeks, most weeks, Benji was the one
being the driving force behind it.
Busting out the Ensign, making sure we were somewhat

Then a couple weeks ago, during Stake Conference
our Stake President encouraged all of the families
to create a family mission plan,
of how we, as a family, were going to be
better missionaries.

So, the other night Benji and I
made our little family mission plan.
Where we set little goals for us to not only be better missionaries,
but to improve on those little things that will draw us closer
together, as a family.

We are moving forward into being better.
We are excited.
Our Grigg family mission plan will soon be on the fridge,
by our dinner calendar.
Ensuring it will be seen daily, help us keep on it.


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