Thursday, July 28, 2011


If you did not already know my husband is hilarious.
Down right
I think he is even funnier when it is just us around.

Comments from him the past few days include,
but are most definitely not limited too...

"In England we call this camel riding."
I don't remember what we were talking about when he said this.
But he is most definitely not from England,
so how he would know what is called camel riding over there
I have no idea.

"You are already forcing me to eat the green beans and
now you are saying I have to look at them."
Yet again, I don't remember the context of this statement,
but I am pretty sure we were not at the dinner table.

"Do they have Applebee's here?"
He randomly asked this as we were pulling into Jackson this weekend.
I can't remember the last time we went to Applebee's.
And I didn't even think he liked Applebee's.

"Do you know what d stands for? Death!"
We live in house D on our street.
The other day we had an earwig infestation,
and I quickly came to learn that Benji is
deathly afraid of them.
He said this statement after we got back from the store
and had gotten some bug spray to treat them.

My favorite one from the past few days.
Me: "Hey honey never change."
Benji: "My clothes might get stinky though."
All I could do was roll my eyes and smile at him.


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