Tuesday, April 19, 2011

I wish and I am thankful!

Credit for today's blog post goes to Stephanie

I wish I could go could back to school and take more fun classes.
Like decorating, floral arrangement, and sewing.
I am thankful for my degree and the opportunity I was given to attend school and the internet and books so I could learn more about those things.

I wish my husband wasn't so crazy busy all the time, even more now that school has started again.
I am thankful for him and all of his hard work and everything he does for us.

I wish I lived closer to my family so the days when Benji was gone all day I could hang out with them.
I am thankful for skype and how I got to see them for a little bit on Saturday and for the person who invented texting and cellphones so I can talk to them whenever.

I wish Idaho Falls was a bigger city. Sometimes it doesn't cut it when I want to get something.
I am thankful for the family environment Idaho Falls does have.

I wish I could be a professional shopper. Like everyday, all day. Just get whatever I wanted when I wanted it.
I am thankful for those times when I can treat myself to get those things
I want to get and how much more excited I am.


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