Tuesday, September 13, 2011

this picture was taken before we were in love.

Dec. 2009

Actually, this is the first picture taken together. ever.
At the end of the semester I wanted to get a picture with Benji
but I wasn't sure how to approach it.
I told one of my roommates I wanted a picture and she simply said just ask him and take a picture.
For some reason I was still really nervous about it.
But I finally asked him. He said no.
And he kept avoiding it.
I told you he was a party pooper.
But then finally right before we left for the semester I had a roommate take some.

But this was before he ever played with my hair at night to fall asleep.
Before he ever saw the truly silly and goofy side of me.
Before we took a ton of pictures in this same pose.
Even with my hand awkwardly stabbing his stomach.
Before he realized I am an anal clean freak.
Before he taught me to embrace different kinds of people, and things.
Before we ever had a disagreement and then came to understand each other.
Before we had all of our inside jokes between each other.
Before we realized, we are very much different from each other
and it doesn't really matter.
Before so many things, that have made us today.
So glad that we are a "we".
So glad we are more than just husband and wife,
but we are best friends.


amy said...

this is the cutest post ever, rebecca. you two are so perfect together. love this picture!

Heather of Kitchen Concoctions said...

So this is where it all began....

About Us said...

You two look in love to me!!!

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