Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Favorite Things.

I have decided I want to be just like Oprah.
I mean who doesn't want to be like her. Look at her?

So I decided I was going to come up with a favorite things list.

  1. My shoes I am wearing with my wedding dress. Found here. I keep getting them out of the box and looking at them. Surprisingly, they are actually pretty comfortable and not hard to walk in at all. I hope they are somewhat similar shade to Benji's suit he is going to be wearing. Found here. If not I might have a hard time parting ways with them to get other ones.
  2. This blog. Recently, almost everyday I not only watch one of her tutorials but three or four. Nerdy? Very much so. I am like a little girl just being able to use makeup.
  3. My new wallet I got for Christmas. I absolutely love it. It has so many pockets for all of my random cards I carry. Don't ask why. And it is wide enough I am able to fit so many receipts in it so they aren't on the bottom of my purse.
  4. My veil. Found here. I am so excited to wear it. The lady who made it lives in Rexburg. I found and met her through a friend at school. I love everything she does. I wish I was creative and crafty. You can order stuff from her etsy shop or she does custom things if you contact her directly.
  5. Hobby Lobby. I could and do spend hours in that store. I love it. Every time I go in there I get more decorating ideas for our apartment after we get married. I am beyond disappointed the closest one from us will be in Salt Lake.
  6. Mary Kay Night Solution. My Mom uses this stuff all the time. The other day we were talking and she suggested I start using it. I just laughed and told her that was for old people but then I started using it and I absolutely love it. It makes your skin feel so soft.
  7. My engagement ring all soddered with the wedding bands. Benji did such a good job picking out my ring. Not very good picture of the three of them seen here.
  8. The bed set we registered for. Found here. Of course at Target. I love the big, bold damask print. Luckily, it didn't take much to convince Benji to like it as well.
  9. Redken Align 12. I use this stuff almost every night when I blow dry my hair. I have even gotten my Mom to use it as well.
  10. Benji's birthday is less than a week away and I get to spend a few days with him in week. I tried convincing him he needed to get a cookie cake for his birthday because that is what I am recently craving. He told me no. I said he is party pooper.


Keri and Jeremy Larson said...

HEY!!! So... recently i have had an obsestion with finding a new wallet! So... I think you should take a picture of your wallet and share it with us! lol If you want.

amy said...

Rebecca I am LOVING your wedding shoes!! and of course your oprah list :)

Heather of Kitchen Concoctions said...

The only thing is with Oprah she gives her favorite things away... so you can send me one of each please! Ha!

But in all seriousness here are my thoughts on your list:

1. Um yeah gorgeous shoes but you better find something else to wear with them besides your wedding dress with that price tag! ; )
2. All I have to say about this one is why is MY blog not one your 'favorites' list?
3. Oh this one makes me happy (and kinda makes up for #2)! Glad I did good picking that one out!
4. Veil, corsages, invitations, dress everything is beautiful!
5. You should have gotten a job here instead of the clothing stores, to have the employee discount of course!
6. I will totally have to get this next time we place an order.
7. Did he pick it out himself or did he have some help/suggestions? ; )
8. Love this bed set. Some red accents would really make your bedroom so romantic!
9. Is this to help treat damage done by flat irons and blow dryers?
10. You should remind Benji of the saying 'happy wife, happy life' and just go get the cookie cake yourself... even if it is HIS birthday!

Rebecca said...

Heather - Your blog is on my favorite list...look to the right under favorites there. I think if I worked at Hobby Lobby I really wouldn't have any money. I like that idea of doing red accents with the bed set! Thanks! The Redken stuff I think it is supposed to help treat damage done by flat irons and blow dryers but it also makes your hair really soft. I have a big bottle of it here at home you can try some next time you are home and if you like it can take some.

Rebecca said...

Thanks Amy! I am really excited!

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