Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Im ENGAGED!! Ok now for awhile...

Ok I know Benji and I have been engaged now for almost 3 months
BUT I am still on cloud nine!
(Sorry for those who have to put up with my cloud nineness)!

I still watch the video of him proposing quite frequently!
Thanks Andy for recording it!

So for those who haven't seen it
(You can watch it multiple times, I don't mind. I sure do.)

It was perfect how everything happened that night.
But I wouldn't have expected anything else from Benji.
He is the best.

And this is my ring.
With the two bands.
(That I am not supposed to get or be wearing until February...but I still do)

I started the countdown til we got married before we were even engaged.
No joke.
I seriously cannot wait.


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