Wednesday, December 1, 2010

My BYU-Idaho Days.

The other day as I going through my computer
looking for something I came across
some notes from one of my finance classes,
about becoming the best person you can be.

As I began reading them and remember
distinctly the discussion and the Spirit
in the room,
I became very grateful for my education,
BYU-Idaho, the faculty, and
even though much of the time I was there
I dreaded being there.

Grateful for the faculty.
For the ability to respect them not only
for what they had accomplished
professionally, but spiritually as well.
For their willingness to help,
and truly get to know you.
For the ability to have a spiritual discussion and
moving personal spiritual experience
in any class.
Truly, any class.

Grateful for BYU-Idaho.
For the office I worked at
and how the people there truly treated us, students,
like family.
For devotionals.
And many times what was said in devotional
was exactly what I needed to hear that week.
And how more than once during devotional time
my prayers were answered.
And how in the beginning of my Rexburg days
I could count on Tuesday from 2:00 - 3:00 pm
to be the motivation to keep going.

Grateful for Rexburg.
For how different it is from Houston
and what I grew up with.
For teaching me to embrace the
small town community.
And how I could never live in a small community
for the rest of my life, but I can appreciate it.


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