Monday, December 13, 2010

I want it all.

I have spent the past two days staring at
nothing and it gradually getting flatter.
My Dad and I drove my car down
from Salt Lake to Texas.

It all went by pretty fast, surprisingly.
I enjoyed being able to talk with my Dad
and get his wisdom and thoughts on things.

Friday before we left I had to go to Park City
and on my way I there it hit me
how much I have missed my car and Utah.
It made me secretly want to move back.

At dinner that night Matthew started talking about
an inverted pentagraph.
What the heck?
That is the reason he is going to be in school for the rest of his life.
Getting a million degrees and not me.

Ok ok....I have had loads of fun planning mine and Benji's wedding,
but seriously can it be here already?
I feel like time is going by so slowly then fast
but right now soo slow.

I.Pod Jam on repeat right now: Prove You Wrong by He is We.


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