Monday, September 9, 2013

The last 3 months...

The last 3 months of have been quite the adventure for our little family.
You could say a lot has happened. 

  1. Tristin was born. Full story here. Love that day.
  2. Ten days later, Benji leaves to start his new job. I cried when he left, but pretty much his dream job right out school. 
  3. Tristin and Rebecca stay in Idaho. Thank goodness for my parents staying with us the whole time! I don't know what I would have done without them. 
  4. Rebecca gets everything ready for the movers. Bigger headache and stress than I would have imagined. 
  5. Movers come pack and take everything.
  6. Benji flew back to Idaho Falls. I cried when I picked him up at the airport. After a month of being apart, its ok to cry some.
  7. Benji, Rebecca and Tristin drive to Nebraska.
  8. Live in furnished housing while we wait for our moving truck to arrive. 
  9. Finally the moving truck arrived.
  10. One week later, Tristin's baby blessing. Pictures to come. We unpacked as much as could, thank goodness for my Mom and sister, then stuffed the unpacked boxes in Tristin's room. 
  11. Now to unpack the rest of the boxes and organize the chaotic mess. 
I think that concludes it. I am very ready to get settled.

We are already planning our trip back to Idaho Falls. We miss it dearly.

Our first home as a family of two. So many memories created there. 


About Us said...

I will post baby's blessing pictures soon on facebook... Love you!

Heather of Kitchen Concoctions said...

So glad we could come help! Although, I don't know how much help I did 'hiding' your salt and pepper shakers! (wink.) And wanting to hold Tristin the whole time! You should post a picture of the three of you in front of your new house.

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